WMDM Media Elite Producer Program: 

We created a top tier class of producers with privilege, to apply to become a Elite Producer you need fill all these requirement. 


1. Have a minimum of 10 active products. 

2. Have youtube videos for all of your projects.

3. Always fill in the project details with a proper description. 

4. Have an active blog or website with links to WMDM

5. Complete your producer profile.

6. Actively Promote WMDM.


The Benefits: 

1. 60% share of sales

2. All product goes live automatically after upload

3. Only eleite producers will be able to upload full licenses

4. Production and writing contracts

5. Access to our facebook pages to post your products

6. Gift card for 500$ to remix and repost other producer projects

7. Features on category + main pages of all sites

8. Features in our promotional emails

9. Cool elite producer badges on all your product pages