Video Tuts Program

Ultimately, you get paid. How and how much, let me count thy ways:

Video Tuts Program


Option A - Art Engineer

You’re approved and have products live on the site. Time to show people what they can do with your music files. Make a tutorial video with your project in your DAW and the many ways they can modify it - change the MIDI, add vocals, compression techniques etc. Post your Crew Link under the video and gently encourage people to be directed to your products on You get 50% from all sales, and 20% on top for traffic you drove yourself. What better way to educate than through a video tutorial of the product itself?

Option B - Independent Producer

You want to show people how you were able to take a template and turn it into a hit. Simply make a video showing how you were able to take the project file you purchased and improve it - adding synths, rearranging, new MIDI channels etc. Post the video on your social media networks with your Crew Link, and get paid 20% of all sales resulting from the traffic you drive.

I’m In! How Do I Get Started?

    1) Send us a brief email to [email protected] and tell us which template you will use in your tutorial. We’ll send you a $20 code to get it - upfront.
    2) Make the video abiding by the general outline, and post it to your Youtube account, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter,, relevant blogs...wherever you know producers are online.
    3) Email us again at [email protected] with the links to where you posted the video tutorial (minimum of 3 different links).
    4) Once verified, we’ll send you a $50 code as a token of our appreciation. From there, we recommend you buy more products, do more videos and continue to profit. Your call.

    Something like this works great

General Outline of Video Tutorials:

The better and higher quality your videos are, the more you stand to benefit. That being said, the following are some guidelines to follow for success:

    1) Briefly show how you preview the template online, add to cart, and checkout. (10-30 seconds max.)
    2) Demonstrate how you retrieve the link from your email and unzip the file into your DAW.
    3) Show, tell, and guide people through everything you do with the template to build an amazing track. This is where your expertise comes in. Make full use of it.
    4) End the video with words of encouragement, mention a benefit of using a template as opposed to starting from scratch, and say something happy/funny/inspiring.

Other considerations:

    1) No offensive language or negativity. We’re a positive community.
    2) Video must be between 3:00 to 45:00 minutes in length.
    3) You must use your voice to explain what is happening on the screen. English, Spanish, German, French...any language except Latin.
    4) If you’re clever, include your Crew Link and encourage people to pick up a product or two on the site - collect 20% of all sales you drive.
    5) Show enthusiasm and support for the concept. Some people operate with the misunderstanding that using templates is in some way inauthentic to the artistry of music production. Our products combined with your video tutorials are the reason people can make good dance music with a few months of experience as opposed to a few years. We’re accelerating the learning curve, together. We understand how short people’s attention spans are and how quickly they give up. Our products propel people to continue with their production careers to make the music of the future.

Contact us and we’ll send you a $20 credit to buy any template you want on the site.


From there, you download it into your sequencer, do a cool video showing how you modified the file to create your own sound, and then post it on a minimum of 3 channels:

Soundcloud, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,, Vimeo or relevant blogs.

Send us the links to your posted video and we’ll send you a $50 credit to We Make Dance Music products. Why post to more than 3 places?

If you’re registered to our Soundbucks program, then you’ll make 20% of all sales from the traffic you drive. Real money.

The best videos posted to the right networks will BANK - are you in? Email us.


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