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How does it feel when your emotions flow freely? You already know that the most important things for an OVO beat are the quality of the samples and the minimal, perfect melodies. An incredible opportunity is Now at your reach, because OVO Complete Production Package is giving you EXACTLY THAT. This is for the producers that can hear the difference between good beats and great music. If you want to use mediocre sounds and make flabby beats, then close this page right now because this is THE most professional and top-notch OVO product on the market right now. If you want to effectively transfer your ideas from your brain directly to your speakers; if you want your creativity to FLOW out without interruptions blocking you; if you want to finally make the OVO aesthetic your own; You now have the opportunity to make this Dream a Reality.

Product Specs

  • Take a look inside OVO Complete Production Package:
  • 100 Massive Patches big collection of emotional sound design (you never heard Massive sound like this)
  • 100 Serum Patches Listen To A Demo every kind of sound you need for the most powerful synth ever
  • 100 Kicks 808 Listen To A Demo perfectly made 808 super-charged kicks
  • 100 Snares & Claps strong, tight, incredible snares
  • 100 Piano Chords and Loops Listen To A Demo This pianos are treated with the same techniques Noah “40″ Shebib (Drake’s producer) uses. Bitcrushed to the point they loose all the high-end frequencies. On top of that, they use the best soul harmonic progressions. Emotional and perfectly composed for your beats.
  • 100 Inspiration Loops Listen To A Demo when you need instant creative juice, you can just use any of the 100 synth melodies loops and rhythms in this collection. These will kickstart your creativity. Solid.
  • 100 Bonus Samples Cymbals, FX, Percussions, Vocals, Foleys… These samples are amazing. Most of them were recorded with an Aston Spirit and processed with the best gears to give you unique sounds
  • 12 Ableton Live 9 Projects learn how to make your beats sound like OVO
  • Total files: 911 | Total size: 1.05 GB
  • The first and second tracks in the demo are made after Pop Style by Drake, Kanye West & Jay-Z, and HYFR feat. Lil Wayne. All the other beats are original and are free for you to modify, explore or use like that straight away.
  • (No external samples were used. EVERY sound you heard in the demo IS in the package.)
  • You don’t have the time to learn how to make every single sound you need in order to create your beats. We spent years doing that so you don’t have to.
  • You only need ONE idea to change your career forever.
  • Choose the quality and unleash your true potential.

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