Product Guide


Projects / Templates:

Basic guidelines:

All templates should use the least amount of plugins as possible, if you are using plugins we suggest preparing a version with midi and bounced audio without any plugins, this will greatly enhance the revenues possibilities.



It is now mandatory to include a complete project description, if you first language is not English you can prepare your text in your primary language and us google translate


Templates Specs:

It is mandatory to include the number of channel in the project, the more information you add in this section the more values you add to the product.

It is also recommended to include separate soundbanks in the project folder.

Beats Templates:

Only Drums and FX/ Hits, with all the arangements of a normal song, strictly no synths or plugins please. 


Main Guidelines **IMPORTANT** :

Templates should be between 1:00 - 7:00 minutes in length and use native plugins to the DAW. When using other tools like popular VSTs such as Sylenth 1 and Massive, understand that it may limit the interest from buyers who do not have those installed. The less external FX channels you use, the wider the reach your product covers.

All projects and templates must be no more 1000MB and should be free of copyrighted material, Audio and MIDI. Average Zip files size should be from 1MB to 200MB.

All genres have a market. If you want to know what kind of templates to produce, consider the following:

1.what genre do you have experience with and enjoy making

2.what is currently popular according to Beatport charts and industry trends many templates already exist in the category you are choosing and how will your product distinguish itself

With respect to styles of music, the possibilities are infinite. Producers and mixing and matching new genres together every day - some catch on big like Avicii’s adoption of country vocals, others not as much. It’s important to put it out there and let the market dictate these trends. This is the democratization of sound in action.There is no ceiling for the creativity of our community.


Best Practices:

1.Keep the external plugins to a minimum.
2.If using some external/esoteric plugin, bounce the audio and leave the MIDI.
3.Use automations and create as much as you can from scratch.
4.Royalty free vocals are allowed.
5.Covers of popular tracks are allowed. (Please do not include vocals ie copyrighted material)
6.Add a limiter to your main-out to have loudness in the demo.
7.It is not recommended to master the demo. We’re not about fakin’ it here.
8.Engineering templates like DJ set preparation or mix templates are welcomed and encouraged.
9.Prepare a good screenshot video of your project and upload it to Youtube before uploading the project. Including a NFO file is recommended.


Ableton Templates Guideline:

The most important thing is to do a collect and save before uploading a project, details can be found there;


Logic Pro Templates Guideline:

When saving the project, make sure you save as and check all the boxes so the media included in your project will be saved to the folder, details there:


Cubase Templates Guideline:

We recommend saving you project with the backup mode,  for this you will need to prepare a empty folder to save your project.


FL Studio Templates Guideline:

Backing up project is FL Studio is pretty straight forward here is a great video about this:


Preparing for upload

Always create a folder and add your files to it before compressing in ZIP format. Add any instructions you like in text or PDF format. 

1. type of DAW (logic, ableton, or cubase)


2. _template_-_ (same for everyone)


3. product name (same as #2 - if two words, separate with an underscore)


4.  .zip  **ONLY ZIP FILES ARE ALLOWED** **All other format will be deleted immedialty**






Follow the same logic for other products.


WAV Stems:

You stem pack require full-length audio stems for all the channels in the project.

You should also include the midi files and synths soundbanks. Audio format should be WAV files in 16 or 24 Bits @41000 or 48000Khz, maximum upload size 2GB or about 2000 MB.


Music (Masters):

Required Format: WAV file 16 Bits 41000KHZ, MP3 Files 320K.

Music Masters should not be registered with a publisher, you should entirely own the copyright to all content uploaded to this section. If you are unsure about this contact us. We recommend a in depth description including moods and instruments, elements used. You can also prepare loops and shorter versions of the song.

(Be aware that we do not sell Full Licenses to master only)



In this section you can upload sound packages, included but not restricted to:

Sample Packs, Accapella, Midi Packs,  Sounbanks and more.

Description is very important, make sure you include as much details as possible!

The samples should be separated in different folders and sub folders, we recommend a maximum of 25 unit per packs.

If you have any ideas or do not see what you want to upload in the categories please let us know.


Full Licenses Projects

It is mandatory to upload the project files to be able to sell full licenses with us.

The projects and masters should be 100% royalty free, never signed on a label, never released in any form even on youtube, soundcloud or any ways. We are selling the full license, thus you are selling all the right to the buyer for one payment, once sold you can not claim any royalties at all.

The packages should include the project files, mastered and unmastered versions. If possible include the mastering session.


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