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Get your hands on 112MB of essential Synths to make the modern Techno sound instantly, inspired by the Techno culture of Berlin. The word “essential” means that something has to be there. In this case, it is essential to have these sounds to make the crucial futuristic intention of Techno. Sometimes the mix of different kinds of sounds can be a great result, but a unique style can help to get the right sense of something that we are creating. This is the reason why Audiostrasse begins with the new “Techno Essential”; a special series that collects all the individual parts to get a single and defined result by starting from the classic point of this genre which is the main synth. Created with the legendary synthesizers of Roland and Moog, the synth loops included in the first release reflect most of the modern concept of the best underground musical movement of all time and they will be followed by new releases with all other essential components in order to make this genere always more magical.

Product Specs

  • In detail expect to find 50 x 24 Bit Wav Loops including 14 Syncopated Rhythm Synth Loops, 13 Modulated Synth Loops and 23 Classic Synth Loops.
  • 50 x 24 Bit Wav
  • 14 Syncopated Rhythm Synth Loops
  • 13 Modulated Synth Loops
  • 23 Classic Synth Loops


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